An Experienced New Jersey Professional Liability Attorney Licensed professionals, such as lawyers, doctors and architects, are responsible for the caliber of their work. They can be held legally liable for negligence, errors, omissions, breach of duty, and even fraud, when they fail to live up to the Standard of Care, in serving their clients and patients. Only expert attorneys, however, can properly evaluate this, and determine when it is worthwhile to pursue them.
3 Reasons to Choose William Michelson
  • 1PERSONAL ATTENTION - Mr. Michelson takes cases as an individual, not just as a member of a firm. He keeps in regular contact with every client, whether by e-mail or by phone, and personally oversees all work, even if assisted by another lawyer or staffer. You will never have difficulty finding someone here to answer your questions, who will know the latest on your case.
  • 2EXPERT SERVICE - As shown here, a large part of Mr. Michelson's practice is evaluating what lawyers have done or should do, in a particular situation, issuing opinions and reports about it, and testifying as an expert witness. He has some of the broadest experience, in many fields of law and other disciplines, that you will find anywhere, but is also sensitive to the need to research all questions fully.
  • 3EXPERIENCE - Mr. Michelson has been a practicing attorney since 1979. He is a Certified Civil Trial Attorney, a New Jersey Superlawyer, a Superior Court Mediator, a veteran Land Use Official, and a Lecturer on Legal Malpractice and Lawyer Ethics. He has personally handled over 100 trials and 40 appeals. You won't find many other lawyers who can say all of this.
William Michelson Expert Witness Services

Mr. Michelson's services as an expert witness or consultant are in considerable demand in the New Jersey justice system. He has written over 200 Affidavits of Merit and 100 Expert Reports - steps required by the New Jersey Rules of Court in professional malpractice cases - and only does so when he believes that it is right, where a lawyer has most likely committed malpractice or some other wrongful act. This is because most legal malpractice cases require expert testimony, and the party's attorney cannot do this himself. He has also served as an expert witness in ethics cases, and even in other states. He also serves as an expert for the defense of lawyers, in cases that are not meritorious. He only seeks to do right.

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