Political and Civic Activities

William H. Michelson has been active for most of his adult life in politics and local affairs, and has built up a considerable expertise in New Jersey state and local government.  Holder of a Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning, in addition to his Juris Doctor degree, he has served on three different Land Use Boards in his career, and litigated various legal matters arising from that background.  He is currently Chairman of the Plainfield Historic Preservation Commission, a full-fledged land use board, in a city which has 10 historic districts and well over 600 regulated properties.  Owners of such properties must come before the Commission for permits to do construction, renovation and other changes, and a number of other regulatory matters come before the HPC, making it the full equivalent of a Planning Board or Zoning Board of Adjustment. He frequently functions as part of the Planning staff, dealing with everyday issues and decisions that need to be made. Continue reading Political and Civic Activities

What Is Legal Malpractice?

In a legal system where, by definition, someone wins and someone loses every case, many people become highly dissatisfied with the legal services they have obtained from their  lawyers. Sometimes they consider suing the lawyer for legal malpractice, and potentially, there is indeed a civil cause of action for that. I am one of a very small number of New  Jersey lawyers who handle such cases, and I also serve as expert witness for other  attorneys in similar cases. Of course, I only do it when I can reach an opinion that it is well-founded.  I am a Certified Civil Trial Attorney, having been so designated by the  Supreme Court of New Jersey. Here are some basics on what legal malpractice is, and how to determine whether or not you may have a case. Continue reading What Is Legal Malpractice?